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Webmap of CartONG missions on Capacity Building

Latest Activities for Capacity Building

Geotagging guidelines & map packs (UNHCR)
Jun / 2012 to Dec / 2012

This project included both the elaboration of Geotagging guideline and Powerpoint map packs for the United Nations' High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) headquarters.

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Communicating diabetes in Kenya
Jul / 2012 to Nov / 2012

The overall aim is to serve the pilot project with World Diabetes Foundation, and International Media Support in Kenya using diabetes awareness and communications as a theme to focus humanitarian and health reporting in Kenya.

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Trainings for Action against Hunger (ACF-Spain)
Jan / 2012

GIS Training, Quantum GIS and Google Earth

Mobile Data Collection and GIS trainings (Bioforce)
Jan / 2012

CartONG intervenes every year in different Bioforce Institute trainings (in particular project managers, WASH coordinators and Logisticians) in Lyon to heighten awareness on the uses a good mobile data collection and mapping can bring. These trainings are 1 to 2 days long.

CartONG also gives trainings for Bioforce partners in the field, such as in 2017 for the Diakonie NGO in Chad- The training was composed of 3 days on project cycle management, with a strong emphasis on M&E (given by a Bioforce consultant) and of 2 days on MDC given by a CartONG staff​. Find out more here.

Profiling and registration with Android smart phones (UNHCR)
Dec / 2011

Profiling and registration with Android smart phones (UNHCR)

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Standard Expanded Nutrition Survey Support (UNHCR PHS)
Sep / 2010

This activity is to develop the use of mobile technology in surveys and monitoring programs for Public Health Section, especially for the Standard Expanded Nutrition Survey (sens.unhcr.org)

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Information Management and GIS: Field based project, Uganda (UNHCR)
Feb / 2007 to Jul / 2008

Our staff worked for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCRin Uganda, doing creation and maintenance of return monitoring databasecollection and compilation of GPS coordinatesproduction of maps, and capacity building of local staff.

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HQ trainings on MDC/IM/Mapping (Solidarités International)
Sep / 2007

CartONG have since 2007 intervened 3 times from 1 to 5 days each time to train Solidarités International staff on Mobile Data Collection or Geographical Information Systems.

E-Learning Modules for REDD process: Fieldwork, GIS, Remote Sensing and Carbon Model

Production of free E-Learning Training Modules for NGOs and Grassroot organisations that are interested in conducting the REDD process in a participatory fashion.

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UNHCR Geoportal Learning Corner

Production of screencasts explaining the use of the UNHCR Geoportal for non-technical staff

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