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Webmap of CartONG missions for Terre des hommes

Activites recentes sur la Terre des hommes

Setting up the tools (for data collection and analysis) for health center evaluation for Tdh
Sep / 2016 - Jun / 2017

CartONG is developing the mobile and analysis component of the  FACET tool (a monitoring tool for Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) services in health care facilities) for Terre des hommes.

We are using Kobo/ODK for mobile data collection and a Power BI dashboard for visualisation of data and analysis. 

Mobile Data Collection training for HQ staff: overview and adapting forms to other contexts
Dec / 2016 - Jan / 2017

Two 2-day trainings were organised in december 2016 and january 2017 to train Terre des hommes HQ Desks and Thematic specialists on what MDC could bring to their operations and also on knowing how to adapt a standard organisation form from one context to another (through XLS forms).

Protection Case Management benchmarking
Aug / 2016 - Dec / 2016

CartONG was appointed by Terre des Hommes (with a Protection consultant) to carry out a benchmarking on Case Management tools used in the Protection field. CartONG therefore undertook the evaluation of needs (with interviews with Tdh staff and with other NGOs), before testing out a certain number of tools,and working with Tdh on the strategy for the future on these subjects.

Mobile Data Collection remote support hotline for Terre des Hommes
Jun / 2016

A remote support hotline for all Tdh delegations has been set up so that they can ask for remote support from CartONG on mobile data collection (encoding, choice of tools, devices...)

Community building for the West-Africa Monitoring & Evaluation staff (Tdh)
Sep / 2015 - Apr / 2016

CartONG set up and has been managing since 2015 a community of Terre des hommes users on data collection and analysis, using Slack as a tool.

Mobile Data Collection and GIS trainings for Tdh
Jun / 2015

CartONG has deployed numerous times to Terre des hommes delegations to give trainings and help with the general capacity building of national and international staff in the field on information management, mobile data collection and geographical information systems.

Support on Information Management and Mobile Data Collection strategy (Tdh)
Sep / 2014

CartONG has been helping Terre des hommes with their Information Management and data collection strategy since 2015, by evaluating tools, counseling them on how to help the organisation augment its skills and developing training kits and communication documents for its staff. We have also done remote support for different delegations (Philippines, Mali, Guinea...)

Sécurite Alimentaire et Nutrition, Sondage sur smartphones, TDH
Oct / 2013

CartONG a appuyé un type d’enquête nutrition pour Terre des Hommes-Suisse via une mission au Burkina Faso : nous avons aidé TdH à passer à la collecte de données sur smartphones dans la région de Sourou. Notre équipe a codé les questionnaires, préparé les téléphones et formé le personnel local, afin qu’ils puissent utiliser ces outils de façon autonome pour leur prochaine enquête.

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