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Dans la cadre d’un projet de lutte contre la déforestation en Côte d’Ivoire, CartONG a été financé par l’AFD pour mettre en œuvre un outil de suivi des parcelles forestières et agricoles des bénéficiaires de NITIDÆ (ex-Rongead/EtcTerra) dans la région de la Mé.

CartONG has helped Tdh to support its field teams through the development of tutorials and tools to help improve the data protection practices in the field.

For the very first time, CartONG used GeoPoppy - an open source tool - to design a monitoring system of agricultural parcels in the Mé region in Ivory Coast, for the REDD+ project conducted by NITIDÆ. The project was financed by AFD.

Grâce à un financement de l’AFD, CartONG déploie, pour la première fois, une nouvelle solution technique appelée GeoPoppy pour permettre le suivi des parcelles agricoles et forestières du Projet REDD+ de la Mé mis en œuvre par l'ONG NITIDÆ (ex Rongead/EtcTerra) en Côte d’Ivoire.

OpenStreetMap Geography Awareness Week (OSMGeoWeek), is an international festival on OpenStreetMap ("OSM", the Wikipedia of maps). It takes place this year, November 13 to 20!

This festival gathers all humanitarian organizations, private and institutional bodies, individuals, and communities that wish to raise awareness about OSM, and help as many people discover this database, all while contributing to tangible projects around the world!

Le projet MAnnheimer MAPAthons ("MAMAPA") a deux objectifs : faciliter les efforts d'intégration des migrants résidant dans la région Rhin-Neckar en Allemagne, et permettre une contribution utile à des actions d'aide humanitaire internationale.

Des formations de découverte en cartographie numérique pour permettre la participant des migrants à des mapathons organisés localement permettent de remplir simultanément et efficacement ces deux objectifs.

The MAnnheimer MAPAthons ("MAMAPA") project is designed to achieve two specific goals: to support efforts toward the integration of immigrants (resident in the Rhein-Neckar region of Germany) and to meaningfully contribute to international humanitarian initiatives.

By offering introductory training in modern cartography through immigrant participation in locally-organized mapathons, both of these ends can be served effectively and simultaneously.

En août 2017, CartONG a signé le protocole d’accord du Global Healthsites Mapping Project afin de concrétiser un partenariat avec visant au développement d’une carte en ligne en accès libre répertoriant tous les services de santé au monde.

In August 2017, CartONG signed the Global Healthsites Mapping Project’s Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to form a partnership with focused on the development of an open data online map of every health-care facility in the world.

In line with the partnership developed between Doctors without Borders-Switzerland (MSF-CH) and CartONG since 2013, CartONG actively supports the organization in the definition of its GIS needs and the implementation of a global GIS development strategy. In keeping with this work, MSF asked CartONG to develop an online tool allowing for better contextualization of daily briefings.



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