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GeOnG 2012


Video introduction to GeOnG 2012


What is GeOnG?

In 2008, CartONG decided to hold the GeOnG, the first Forum of Geographic Information for Relief & Development. The objective was to raise awareness and gather the various humanitarian actors that work with geomatics and cartographic resources: NGOs, international organizations, but also scholars and companies. It was an opportunity for the professionals to meet, present their projects, share their experiences, discover other ways of working, analyze the problems they face daily, and identify together the challenges of the future.

Various topics were tackled during the Forum, such as the multiplicity of actors, the several aspects of the new humanitarian approach (clusters), new technologies, and the necessity to coordinate, standardize and develop fitting technologies. Many contacts were also established thanks to the participation of around thirty organizations.

The attendees having expressed their wish of repeating such an exchange space, CartONG organized in 2010 the second GeOnG. In a context of quick democratization of the geographical information tools, the Forum allowed to present the new data collection techniques and to discuss formation and emergency information.

The 2008 and 2010 GeOnG saw the participation of NGOs such as MSF-Belgium, ACTED or URD Group, international organizations like ICCR, UNHCR or WFP, but also professionals from the fields like ESRI or OpenStreetMap.


CartONG has decided to renew the experience this year, organizing GeOnG 2012, the third Forum of Geographic Information for Relief & Development, on November 5 and 6th, at Le Manège Convention Center in Chambéry, France.

Centre de conférence du Manège


2012 : "From the cloud to the field"

This year's theme underlines the importance taken these years by the online data storage (and cartography) systems - the "cloud". Coupled with the new mobile (GPS, smartphones) and aerial (drones, remote sensing) data collection devices, they allow the humanitarian professionals to collect and analyze the data directly on the field.

It enables a decentralization of the use of geographic information while allowing the access to the data by everyone, everywhere - leading to a democratization of the data use.

To accompany this evolution, CartONG proposes to continue its efforts in favor of data sharing and gets involved in data transfers to the field. These challenges and the solutions we can address them will be discussed during GeOnG 2012.


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