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For Everyone interested in Mobile Data Collection with Smart Phones and for everyone who has followed or even participated in the NOMAD project:

A two-day NOMAD workshop will be held in Geneva on 22nd and 23rd March 2012 to present our findings.

For those of you not being familiar with the project:  NOMAD, run by iMMAP and partners  since September 2010 and  funded by the French Space Agency (CNES), aims to deliver scalable solutions for field data collection and communication for the humanitarian community.

Mobile Data Collection

Helping you to improve the quality of your data and make it more efficient

CartONG intervenes every year in different Bioforce Institute trainings (in particular project managers, WASH coordinators and Logisticians) in Lyon to heighten awareness on the uses a good mobile data collection and mapping can bring. These trainings are 1 to 2 days long.

NOMAD (HumanitariaN Operations Mobile Acquisition of Data) is a project that is co-lead by iMMAP and CartONG. Its goal is to promote the use of mobile data collection by the humanitarian professionals in order to improve their efficiency and their impact.

The UNHCR Android project provides technical assistance to set up an Android smart phone based survey within a country operation. Topics have been including village profiles, nutrition and other public health related surveys as well as a rapid registration to verify a census of People of Concerns. A new project in 2013 with JIPS (Joint IDP Profiling Service)  is looking into Urban Profiling.


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