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Cécile Lochet|Volunteer Coordinator

Cécile has been a Volunteer Coordinator since 2015. Currently she works closely with Yuji to help recruit and welcome new volunteers to CartONG. She also manages CartONG’s calendar of events and coordinates many of its communications tasks. Cécile performs so many different kinds of jobs that she could be described as the team’s jack of all trades, able to excel in many different areas a little like Leonardo Da Vinci. In fact, Cécile helps to coordinate some volunteer projects as well and has been known to organize Mapathons every now and then under CartONG’s Missing Maps program. Cécile is always on the look out for new projects and thinks she may have found her next one in Marseilles. Not too long ago she attended a geography lesson at a Carto high school where she helped the class experiment with different types of cartography and GIS tools. The class had a large number of students of Algerian and Moroccan descent and she was genuinely impressed by the level of geographic understanding they demonstrated about their villages of origin in North Africa as well as the city of Marseilles and the topographical and urban planning changes that had taken place over the last five years in both places. She is convinced that enlisting them in a mapping project would be fascinating!

Background: Cécile trained in GIS and worked mostly for research institutes in the humanities and social sciences before coming to CartONG. She has always worked to generate, disseminate, and share research data and her work has evolved to encompass familiarity and expertise in several other methods and practices related to the use of digital tools. For Cécile, the idea of sharing information and, furthermore, sharing the tools that can be used to generate new streams of information, both values central to CartONG makes this organization an exciting and rewarding place to work.

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