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Charlotte has been President of the Association since January 2015, rising to the position after volunteering and coordinating the Cartographie d'Urgence Bénevole with CartONG. As the board’s President she serves two main functions: she is CartONG’s public face representing its mission and staff expertise at conferences and in interviews; and she leads strategic discussions on CartONG’s development and the composition of its board. A third function that she performs is coordinating between staff and volunteers, which is one of CartONG’s strengths.

Charlotte lives in the West of Lyon but she is a frequent face at the CartONG Chambéry office exercising leadership that is informed by continual close involvement with the organization and deep familiarity with its staff and ways of working. For Charlotte steering a growing and dispersed association is a constant but rewarding challenge, which she hopes to be involved in for a long time to come.

Background: Charlotte’s background is in the social sciences and public health. She began using GIS methods to model environmental factors affecting the spread of malaria for her Geography thesis. Charlotte brings a deep understanding of complex socio-economic dynamics, particularly public health issues, often present in developing countries and experience coordinating academic research and scientific cooperation across field sites and international borders to her work with CartONG.

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