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Jean-Paul assumes the duties of "Human Resources advisor". In this new role he will liaise with staff employees, conducting employee performance interviews along with the technical director and mediating any staff complaints.  Jean-Paul is also particularly involved in the development of CartONG’s webmapping CNLS project and has been learning Django / Python programming languages to better equip him to contribute to the project. He frequently participates in Mapathons and has gained skills in QGIS and other development and webmapping applications. In fact, for Jean-Paul, part of what he loves most about being part of CartONG’s board is the organization’s position at the forefront of an evolving field in using the latest technologies for social impact and humanitarian problem-solving and the platform it gives him to explore and experiment with new tools and digital interfaces.

Background: Jean-Paul has studied and had a long career in agricultural engineering, during which he has mastered principles and practices in agronomy, economics, computer sciences, and statistics.

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