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Johan became a coordinator of volunteer projects in April 2015, rising to the position after a long involvement with CartONG stretching back to November 2013 when he first joined as a volunteer. Johan is particularly invested in CartONG’s Atlas Solidarity project in Madagascar. He participated in a mission of CartONG volunteers to the country in August 2015. The experience was a powerful one for Johan because he saw how the end users of a service he had been working on for months were benefiting from the project. Witnessing the improvement a project makes in the lives of its final recipients is the icing on the cake of seeing a project through its entire life cycle from inception to managing its development through file writing, communication, network animation, web development to its delivery and field testing. As a volunteer Johan loved how empowered he felt by CartONG to offer and act on his own ideas and network with aid practitioners and technological experts. As a volunteer coordinator he now works to extend that same sense of freedom and encouragement to others. The use of mapping and data tools in the field of humanitarianism and more broadly in the field of development is a dynamic area of work that is rapidly expanding and innovating. These traits make it a thrilling and rewarding field to work in for Johan and CartONG a cherished organization to work with.

Background: Johan studied management, political sociology and international relations. His social science and economics training gives him a different set of strengths than many of his more technologically-trained colleagues. He brings greater versatility and more generalist skills to the Association.

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