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As a GIS and web mapping specialist, Léo implements GIS databases and web maps for CartONG partners and conducts remote, and sometimes field, support for deployed GIS officers. Léo also participates in capacity building activities, teaching GIS and occasionally MDC to our partners. He enjoys unpacking how a particular NGO works and the constant challenge of adapting methodologies and tools to fit its needs and help it improve the way it functions. Whenever he travels for missions, Léo finds it especially rewarding to meet the final users of CartONG services and those of the partners CartONG works with. At CartONG Léo is known as our techie guy, which is saying something. Interested by all that can be collected, coded and displayed on a map and curious to discover new countries, apps, meals and JS libraries, he is also a very good teacher! Ask for him if you want to learn GIS, MDC or a mix of both!

Background: Léo studied Territorial Planning and taught himself GIS and coding. He started working at CartONG as a cartographer (on ArcGIS) and then moved to webmapping, development and designing data collection and vizualisation workflows using several interoperable tools.

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