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As a technical project manager, Sylvie manages the technical teams that are assigned to implement various partner projects. At intervals she is also deployed to the field to help implement projects. Sylvie loves working with passionate capable colleagues and her super technical team to engineer solutions to tricky humanitarian challenges. She loves balancing her work at HQ with periodic travel to the field for missions, particularly when she is able to assist ground staff in building their technical capacities. Sylvie not only excels in managing day-to-day activities but is quick to wrap her mind around a problem. Time and time again she has not only thought through a problem but begun acting to execute it by the time it takes most to plan it all out in their head.

Background: Sylvie started her GIS work on non-humanitarian land planning issues in mountain areas and later in Caribbean islands. Already a GIS specialist she shifted her work into the humanitarian sphere when she took a position with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and then the British Red Cross. 

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