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Violaine coordinates and organizes all Missing Maps projects and events, linking up with Universities, interested organisations and eager individuals wanting to put some of their time towards completing missing maps. Violaine loves working with motivated, proactive volunteer members and passionate professionals. Developing engaging community actions to fill in the missing parts of maps and participating in an international project coordinating many different NGOs and stakeholders is work that Violaine finds consistently invigorating and rewarding. However, it can be hard to locate Violaine on the map sometimes. She is constantly in motion traveling to mapathons, trainings, or GPS survey projects in every corner of the globe.

Background: Violaine studied land surveying at university, where she discovered GIS and particularly OpenStreetMap which she used to conduct accessibility profiles for various facilities and services. She started at CartONG with a volunteer mission to Madagascar aimed at empowering communities by teaching them the powerful potential of the OSM ecosystem. She has maintained her contacts in Madagascar and still assists in community-building activities there today.

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