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Yuji is board treasurer since 2016, after two years being board secretary. His duties are to follow and advise on financial matters for CartONG, especially regarding volunteer projects. He also is involved in CartONG’s Datasources project, which aims to produce a reference database on websites offering data that can be used in emergency mapping.

Background: Yuji works as data manager in French National Hydrographic Institute (SHOM) in Brest. He trained as a GIS specialist and has recently expanded his expertise to include spatial data infrastructures. Yuji first joined CartONG as part of its Volunteer Emergency Mapping team. After a year with the team he became interested in contributing to the development of the association at a more global level and helping to structure projects over the long term and arranged to join the board. He has previously served on several other associations and brings his prior board experience, his motivation and good humor to his current work with CartONG.

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