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Webmap of CartONG missions on Mobile Data Collection

Activites recentes sur la Mobile Data Collection

Renforcer la gestion des données programme des OSC
Dec / 2019 - Nov / 2022

Le projet “Renforcer la gestion des données programme des OSC” vise à professionnaliser les OSC francophones dans l’utilisation et la mise en oeuvre de méthodes, outils et processus relatifs aux différentes étapes de la chaîne d’analyse des données.

Co-financé par l’AFD pendant 3 ans (début 2020 - fin 2022) et mis en oeuvre avec le soutien de 10 partenaires, il permettra de continuer le travail de CartONG d’appui au secteur en favorisant la mutualisation et la mise à disposition de nouvelles ressources tant pratiques (outils, tutoriels, module de formation, etc.) que stratégiques (études, etc.) à l’ensemble des acteurs de la solidarité internationale.

Dans l'ordre alphabétique, les 10 partenaires sont :

  1. Action contre la faim
  2. Bioforce
  3. Chambéry-Ouahigouya
  4. Groupe URD
  5. Handicap International
  6. Map Action
  7. Max Havelaar France
  8. Médecins du Monde-France
  9. Solidarités International
  10. Fondation Terre des hommes
Adapting Information Management Covid-19 support
May / 2020 - Jan / 2021

This project aims at supporting the humanitarian sector in adapting its Information Management and Monitoring & Evaluation response to the Covid-19 crisis. As part of the project, CartONG will provide direct support to NGOs through (webinars, coaching sessions, and a hotline) as well as support to the sector through technical and methodological guidance (technical briefs, tutorials, tech watch findings), & feedback resources (case studies and lessons learned).

This project is run with the support of Groupe URD for the M&E component. We are also coordinating our action with MapAction, HOT and Translators without Borders in particular, as well as other H2H organizations to avoid duplicating our efforts.

Support on the data component of their Monitoring and Evaluation system
Jul / 2020 - Nov / 2020

In 2019, CartONG was solicited by the Voûte Nubienne Association for an assessment of the data component of their Monitoring and Evaluation system. The aim of the project is for CartONG to summarise the needs, evaluate and present the different technical options that could be relevant, and - depending on the choice of the solution - to then support the implementation of the chosen system.

Support to the SI Bangladesh operation in terms of data management
Jan / 2020 - Aug / 2020

This activity aimed at supporting the operation in terms of data management, by analysing their needs, determining recommendations, and helping them build the information management system needed by the operation.

Support to the SI Myanmar operation in terms of data management
Jan / 2020 - Aug / 2020

This activity aimed at supporting the operation in terms of data management, by analysing their needs, determining recommendations, and helping them build the information management system needed by the operation.

Support to FairTrade Africa in their first implementation of MDC
Aug / 2019 - Dec / 2019

CartONG, through the request of Max Havelaar France, is supporting FairTrade Africa in their implementation of Mobile Data Collection for the follow up of their cocoa cooperatives in Cote d'Ivoire. The project started by a small assessment of the situation and comparison of tools that could best cater to these needs, followed by a preparation of the digitization of the process through mobile data collection that was then tested, piloted and improved accordingly with the FairTrade teams in Cote d’Ivoire in preparation for a full deployment.

Diagnostic, conception et mise en oeuvre d'un système pilote de gestion de l'information pour le consortium RESILAC mise en oeuvre par ACF, Care et le Groupe URD dans le bassin du lac Tchad
Apr / 2019 - Dec / 2019

Le projet et consortium RESILAC "Redressement Economique et Social Inclusif du Lac Tchad" a identifié au cours de sa phase d’amorçage le besoin d’améliorer la gestion de son information (également appelé Information Management ou IM en anglais). CartONG accompagne le Groupe URD en charge du "Système de suivi et d’évaluation des réalisations" sur la composante gestion de l'information.

Ainsi CartONG :

  1. réalise un diagnostic en gestion de l'information (toutes technologiques condonfus) afin de formaliser les besoins des parties prenantes, identifier les contraintes et opportunités existantes et proposer des scénarios de solutions
  2. déployera certaines recommandations formulées à l’issu du diagnostic (et par la suite formalisé sous forme de plan d’action et plan de renforcement) sur un ou deux sites pilotes pour tester leur pertinence, avant d’envisager leurs éventuelles déploiements à l’échelle du projet.
  3. assurera la montée en compétences des équipes concernées dans le(s) site(s) pilote(s).
MDC Lessons Learned paper co-produced with Tdh
Nov / 2018 - Aug / 2019

Written by CartONG, this paper reflects on five years of experience gained by Terre des hommes implementing MDC projects in its countries of operation worldwide. Its principle aim is to help field operations make the best use of MDC in their programs by summarizing the key lessons learned throughout these 5 years of MDC roll-out. It builds both on the institutional knowledge acquired over the years as well as on the experiences shared by three delegations (Iraq, Mali and Nepal) - deliberately different in terms of size, volume of operations, and types of interventions. This Lessons Learned paper also summarizes the path taken by the organization to scale up MDC over the years and the uses to which MDC is put, both by Tdh and by the wider humanitarian community. Lastly, it also details both Tdh and CartONG’s vision for MDC in the coming years.

MDC awareness-raising session for AFD
Dec / 2018

In 2018, a one-day awareness raising session was organized for AFD's Evaluation and Capitalisation division and Crisis and Conflict division on Mobile Data Collection. The session covered both an overview of the tools available and examples of the different types of use cases, but also a presentation of all the stakes that mobile data collection can represent in the development sector.

Information Management support for ACF France
Jan / 2018 - Dec / 2018

CartONG provided various Information Management support to Action Contre la Faim France in 2018. Our main support was dedicated to their Afghanistan mission where we deployed an expert for 3 weeks in October. The mission aimed at providing Information Management support to the team based in Kabul regarding digitization of some nutrition processes, data visualization with Business Intelligence tools, training sessions on various tools (Excel, Kobo, Sphinx and Power BI) and support on their data protection practices. Check out an example of the tools developed during the mission: a complaints and feedback mechanism dashboard built on Power BI.

In 2018, we also provided remote support to ACF France on Mobile data collection for their Nepal field operation, as well as gave a day of introduction to Geographical Information Systems during one of their regional training workshops in Dakar.

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