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Webmap of CartONG missions for Action Against Hunger

Activites recentes sur la Action Against Hunger

3-year collaboration on furthering Information Management at Action Contre la Faim
Sep / 2020 - Aug / 2023

CartONG and Action contre la Faim have signed a 3-year partnership agreement to further their collaboration. The partnership agreement that will run from 2020 to 2023 details the general principles of collaboration between our two organizations around common goals and mutual commitments as well as more operational aspects.

In particular, it aims to develop the use of cartographic products within Action Contre la Faim by making CartONG’s mapping service available to ACF’s operations. In particular, our team of cartographers will be able to provide emergency support to ACF in the event of a humanitarian crisis, in what is called “rush mode format” as we can already do for other partners such as MSF or ACAPS.

More generally, this partnership also aims to provide ACF's teams with better support in the area of program data management (or Information Management), either through capacity building for their teams or strategic advice and support.

Learn more by reading our news on the topic.

Mission de cartographie bénévole en soutien à ACF Bordeaux
Apr / 2020 - Jun / 2020

Sur les périodes de fin de confinement et premier mois de déconfinement en France, Action Contre la Faim, Solinum et CartONG ont collaboré pour cartographier les services disponibles (santé, distribution alimentaire, accès aux toilettes, eau, douches, etc.) à Bordeaux afin de faciliter l'accès à ces informations pour les personnes précaires et/ou isolées, dont l'accès à l'information s'est vu réduit en raison de la fermeture des structures habituellement fréquentées et du manque de points de recharge de téléphones mobiles.

Ces cartes, couvrant trois zones distinctes de Bordeaux (Bordeaux Est, Bordeaux Lac et Bordeaux Ouest) ont été développées par 4 bénévoles de CartONG grâce aux données collectées par Solinum sur la plateforme Soliguide. Mises à jour à 3 reprises, elles ont pu être distribuées par des équipes d'Action Contre la Faim et des Restos du Cœur lors de maraudes.

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Information Management support for ACF France
Jan / 2018 - Dec / 2018

CartONG provided various Information Management support to Action Contre la Faim France in 2018. Our main support was dedicated to their Afghanistan mission where we deployed an expert for 3 weeks in October. The mission aimed at providing Information Management support to the team based in Kabul regarding digitization of some nutrition processes, data visualization with Business Intelligence tools, training sessions on various tools (Excel, Kobo, Sphinx and Power BI) and support on their data protection practices. Check out an example of the tools developed during the mission: a complaints and feedback mechanism dashboard built on Power BI.

In 2018, we also provided remote support to ACF France on Mobile data collection for their Nepal field operation, as well as gave a day of introduction to Geographical Information Systems during one of their regional training workshops in Dakar.

Implementation of water point data collection & monitoring in South Sudan (ACF-US)
Apr / 2016 - Jan / 2017

This project helped ACF-US and governmental partners to set up and maintain over time the Water Information Management System of South Sudan. The solution chosen to ensure than field teams could update the information on a regular basis was Akvo Flow.

 At the end of the project, an Aweil East State Water Points Functionality Map was also published.

Formations pour Action contre la Faim (Espagne)
Jan / 2012

Formation SIG, Quantum GIS et Google Earth


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