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Activites recentes sur la H2H fund

Formation à distance avec le Groupe URD
Dec / 2020 - Jun / 2021

CartONG et le Groupe URD développent une offre de formation combinée MEAL et Gestion de l'information destinée au personnel humanitaire opérant dans des contextes d'urgence. Cette formation en ligne aura pour objectif de fournir aux participants une solide compréhension des deux sujets, tout en s'assurant qu'elle réponde aux besoins des équipes de terrain afin d'être pertinente pour le plus grand nombre. Le développement de l'offre de formation a commencé fin 2020 et sera finalisé fin mai 2021.

Pour en savoir plus sur cette activité, veuillez lire notre Rapport Annuel 2020.

The IM Covid-19 Help Center: helping NGOs adapt their IM and M&E response to the health crisis
May / 2020 - Jan / 2021

This project aimed at supporting the humanitarian aid and international development sector in adapting its Information Management and Monitoring & Evaluation response to the Covid-19 crisis.

As part of this initiative, CartONG provided direct support to NGOs - hotline or coaching - addressing specific data-related requests at headquarters or in the field, as well as a more global support to the sector through the release of technical and methodological guidance (technical briefs, tutorials and tech watch findings) and feedback resources (case studies and lessons learned).

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Dashboard to support the H2H Network’s advocacy work
Aug / 2020 - Nov / 2020

Over the summer of 2020, the H2H Network contacted CartONG to discuss how we could support the network’s advocacy work by showcasing the activations it funds, as part of the launch of their new website. We suggested developing a web map that would display both the data about the activations and their location on a world map.

We managed to design a mock-up for the tool, adapt it to the feedback of the partner, integrate it on the website and release it in only 4 weeks. After some last fixing and the writing of the guidance documentation for the H2H Network’s team, the overall request was completed in less than 2 months, and is now routinely used by the H2H Network for all of their activations.

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Logistics mapping support to Atlas Logistique in Democratic Republic of the Congo
May / 2020 - Aug / 2020

ATLAS Logistique – HI-AL requested support in 2020 from CartONG, as part of a H2H Network funded pilot project it was implementing in North Kivu, in order to map and analyze the on-site humanitarian response and its needs in terms of supply chain through the study of humanitarian flux and the logistics vulnerability of the said area. After several weeks of data collection conducted in the field by Atlas Logistique, our team produced a series of maps to display key logistical and supply indicators.

Further support will be provided by CartONG to Atlas Logistique in 2021 to help them develop the specifications of a map-oriented dashboard to promote the ‘logistics vulnerability’ concept and its related indicators through a visualization tool.

To know more about this project, please check out our 2020 Annual Report.

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