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Bidibidi camp in northern Uganda is one of the fastest growing refugee camps in the world. Activated by Médecins Sans Frontières, CartONG & the OpenStreetMap community mapped its Section 2 in three weeks and the data is already used in the field.

​Soutien à distance aux humanitaires sur le terrain via des mapathons en France et pays limitrophes

Dans le cadre du projet Missing MapsCartONG organise régulièrement des mapathons (équivalent de hackathon pour la cartographie) ...

Assisting the project to map the refugee camps of the north of France (Calais, Dunkerque) organised by the HOT volunteers. The aim is to map these camps with and for their inhabitants, to imprve their living conditions but also with a logic of education and social bond.

Soutien au projet de cartographie des camps de réfugiés du Nord de la France (Calais, Dunkerqueorganisé par des bénévoles de HOT.

OpenStreetMap, the Wikipedia of maps, is a powerful tool to support local development and improve community resilience in case of crisis.

Soutien au développement de communauté OSM à Madagascar par des actions de sensibilisation, transfert de compétences, community building.

This project's aim is to develop an interactive mapping of the initiatives of of the County Council of Ile et Vilaine and other international solidarity organizations in the region of Mopti ( Mali ) in different fields. The map will be a tool for associations and NGOs, to enjoy better visibility of actions carried out by associations and NGOs of international solidarity, for a better coordination between them.

Ce projet consiste à mettre en place une cartographie interactive des actions menées par le Conseil Départemental d'Ile et Vilaine et d'autres organisations de solidarité internationale dans la région de Mopti (Mali) dans différents domaines

Check out more information here: madagascar.cartong.org


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