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CartONG has been helping Tdh with compiling documentation on Mobile Data Collection and Information Management more generally to help field teams use it in the most effective manner. Since January 2018, the documentation has progressively been made public on the MDC Toolkit website to help other organizations that might find it useful. A special highlight is the Data Visualization Toolkit available on:

OpenStreetMap Geography Awareness Week (OSMGeoWeek), is an international festival on OpenStreetMap ("OSM", the Wikipedia of maps). It takes place this year, November 13 to 20!

This festival gathers all humanitarian organizations, private and institutional bodies, individuals, and communities that wish to raise awareness about OSM, and help as many people discover this database, all while contributing to tangible projects around the world!

CartONG published on behalf of the Agence Micro Projets (French microfunding agency) a study on the use of ICTs by small aid organisations as well as a toolbox to help them along in their use of ICTs.

CartONG a réalisé pour le compte de l'Agence Micro Projets (programme de l’ONG La Guilde Européenne du Raid qui finance depuis 30 ans des microprojets d’associations de solidarité internationale françaises sur toutes les thématiques de l’aide au développement) une étude sur l'utilisation des NTIC pour les petites Associations de Solidarité Internationale.

CartONG supported the Cash Consortium Irak (CCI) in improving and streamlining its data collection, management and visualisation systems. CartONG evaluated each partner's needs, helped to choose the most relevant tool to be used by all partners and accompanied the consortium to adopt the tool (SurveyCTO was the chosen tool). 

This trilingual video was produced by CartONG in 2016 for Terre des hommes based on different 2015 Mobile Data Collection success stories in the organisation that we had helped implement.

CartONG has created a webmapping application, which articulates various open source solutions to provide the Executive Secretariat of the National Committee for the Fight against AIDS (Comité National de Lutte contre le SIDA, CNLS) a tool showing the interventions made by the civil society to tackle the pandemia in the island since 2013, answering the question "Who does what, where, when and with whom?". The project is supported by UNAIDS in Madagascar and visible here:

CartONG a développé une application webmapping s’articulant autour de solutions open-source adaptées afin de doter le Secrétariat Exécutif du Comité National de Lutte contre le SIDA à Madagascar d’un outil de cartographie interactive présentant les interventions de la société civile sur cette problématique dans l'ile depuis 2013, répondant à la question : "Qui fait quoi, où, quand et avec qui ?". Le projet a reçu le soutien de l’ONUSIDA à Madagascar et est visible ici :

Assisting the project to map the refugee camps of the north of France (Calais, Dunkerque) organised by the HOT volunteers. The aim is to map these camps with and for their inhabitants, to imprve their living conditions but also with a logic of education and social bond.

Soutien au projet de cartographie des camps de réfugiés du Nord de la France (Calais, Dunkerqueorganisé par des bénévoles de HOT.


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