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Webmap of CartONG missions on Information Management

Latest Activities for Information Management

Support to the SI Myanmar operation in terms of data management
Jan / 2020 to Mar / 2022

This project aimed at supporting the operation in terms of data management, by analyzing their needs, determining recommendations, and helping them build the information management system needed by the operation. It is being conducted as part of the 3-year partnership agreement concluded between CartONG and Solidarités International.

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Creation of a database in support of FAS AuRA for the design of an online map to be released on the RESAP website
Nov / 2021 to Feb / 2022

In support of the Federation of Solidarity Actors in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (FAS AuRA), CartONG is working on creating a database that will be used for the design of an online map showcasing existing health services for vulnerable people in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (AuRA) region. The database is meant to aggregate data from several sources, and as part of our support, we are also cleaning existing data and incorporating it into the database. The online map that will be designed with the data will be published on the RESAP website.

Assessment of ICI's data collection application and advise on next steps
Sep / 2021 to Jan / 2022

In September 2021, CartONG was asked to support the International Cocoa Initiative (ICI) during the course of several months by drafting a set of technical specifications for an application to collect, store and visualize data that meets ICI’s needs. This support also included advising ICI on suitable options to achieve the said objective.

Support to the SI Bangladesh operation in terms of data management
Jan / 2020 to Dec / 2021

This activity aimed at supporting the operation in terms of data management, by analyzing their needs, determining recommendations, and helping them build the information management system needed by the operation.

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Diagnosis, design and implementation of a pilot information management system for the RESILAC consortium implemented by ACF, Care and Groupe URD in the Lake Chad basin
Apr / 2019 to Dec / 2021

The RESILAC (Inclusive Economic and Social Recovery of Lake Chad) project and consortium identified during its start-up phase the need to improve the management of its information. CartONG is supporting Groupe URD in charge of the operational M&E system (système de suivi et d'évaluation des réalisations) on the information management component. In 2019, CartONG conducted a diagnostic in information management (all combined technologies) in order to formalize the needs of stakeholders, identify existing constraints and opportunities and propose solution scenarios.

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MDC technical support to FairTrade International
Jun / 2021 to Oct / 2021

The support provided by CartONG to FairTrade International in 2021 aims at building two updated forms to monitor the key performance indicators, coded into Kobo in both field languages (French and English), that will fit into the existing online platform (Impact Cloud) that Fairtrade international is using to monitor its West african Cocoa program (WACP). After the conception of the forms, CartONG trained and accompanied 25 staffs to ensure the quality of the data collection.

CartONG is also supporting FairTrade international in its digitalisation process, building a Kobo form that will help the standards & pricing unit to assess the price of Cocoa. CartONG will continue this process in 2022 and also follow-up the deployment and test of this new process.

IM support to Max Havelaar France
Jan / 2021 to Oct / 2021

In 2021, Max Haavelaar France and CartONG worked together in developping and testing IM tools within the framework of the "Strengthening CSOs' Information Management" project co-funded by AFD. In particular, work was done on the Program data self-assessment methodology (available in French here) as part of the revision of the IM structure of Max Havelaar France, a process that will continue in 2022."

Data readiness pilot project in South Sudan to support Covid vaccine delivery through COVAX
Apr / 2021 to Jul / 2021

As Covid vaccines started to arrive in low- and middle-income COVAX participant countries, successful vaccination programs in those countries were dependent on geographic data to help identify priority population groups and to plan efficient "last mile" vaccine delivery. South Sudan was identified as a pilot project to assess which data was needed and implement good practices for other countries that will receive the vaccine. The support provided by CartONG consisted of data cleaning and setting up a data model and was conducted in collaboration with MapAction.

Support for the framing of an accountability mechanism for AFD funded projects in Africa
Nov / 2020 to Jul / 2021

In 2020, CartONG started to support the AFD Africa Department to strengthen their bottom-up accountability systems. Indeed, AFD is looking to consolidate indicators using data reported directly by their partners in the field. On this project, CartONG is working jointly with Groupe URD to propose a series of indicators as well as a scenario for their Information Management system to ensure the reporting of the said indicators.

In 2021, building on the assessment phase which occurred in 2020, CartONG proposed a set of 6 scenarios based on AFD's technological environment (which includes a database developed in the Sahel Region) and the available human and financial resources. The Africa Department was able to evaluate and choose the scenario that best suited its needs. The implementation of the chosen system is now the responsibility of AFD.



Dashboard for Mexico's Ministry of Education follow-up of post-Covid19 return to schools
May / 2020 to Jul / 2021

In May 2020 UNICEF Mexico launched the first activation of the 3-year Long Term Agreement signed with UNICEF HQ, CartONG and MapAction in the second half of 2019. This first activation occurred after UNICEF was approached by the Mexican Ministry of Education to support the creation of a dashboard aiming to display and monitor real-time information on key education indicators on elementary schools at the national level in order to map COVID-19 affectations before the start of the new school year.

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