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Webmap of CartONG missions on Information Management

Latest Activities for Information Management

Strengthening CSOs' Information Management
Dec / 2019 to Nov / 2022

The "Strengthening CSOs' Information Management" project aims to professionalize French-speaking Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in the use and implementation of methods, tools and processes related to the different stages of the data analysis chain.

Co-financed by AFD for 3 years (early 2020 - late 2022) and implemented with the support of 10 partners, this project will make it possible for CartONG to continue its work in support of the sector by promoting the pooling and dissemination of new resources, both practical (tools, tutorials, training modules, etc.) and strategic (studies, etc.) to all humanitarian and development actors.

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3-year collaboration on furthering Information Management at Solidarités International
Sep / 2019 to Aug / 2022

After ten years of ad hoc collaborations between CartONGand Solidarites  International (SI), the two organizations decided to sign a Partnership Agreement to facilitate future activities in the next three years.

The agreement concerns the capacity building of SI teams on Information Management (IM), the running of studies, the provision of strategic advice and technical field support related to Information Management, as well as the development, configuration and deployment of IM tools.

In that vein, work has started at the very end of 2019 to support the Myanmar and Bangladesh field operations in the improvement of their IM practices and processes, that will continue for most of 2020 (learn more here and here).

Facilitation of data management sessions in a Groupe URD's training course
May / 2022 to Jul / 2022

CartONG is conducting 3 asynchronous training sessions (lasting 3 weeks in total), as part of a longer curriculum entitled "Consultants in the aid sector: the basics of the profession" developed by Groupe URD. This online course is designed to train future consultants, in project evaluation. The sessions developed by CartONG cover the following topics: introduction to data management and best practices, mobile data collection, and data analysis and visualization. The sequences were developed jointly with G roupe URD to introduce data management from qualitative studies as well.


Developing an Emergency Alert System for ACF France
Jan / 2021 to Jun / 2022

In 2021, as part of the ongoing MoU, CartONG extended its support to ACF. CartONG analysed the sand winds that hit Madagascar lately with a much higher impact, supported the emergency desk of ACF to build a ligthweight IM system to provide a quick and generic picture of a state of an emergency, allowing ACF to make informed decision spededily about planning a responde. As part of the projet "Strengthening CSOs' Information Management" project co-funded by AFD, CartONG has been supported by ACF in the development of a data analysis and the Excel toolkit to be published on the Learning Corner.

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Technical support for the development of a digital tool to assess sanitary conditions in detention centres (FACET WinD)
Dec / 2021 to Mar / 2022

FACET is a mobile application measuring water supply and sanitation provision in public institutions. In the past, CartONG has already contributed to the technical development of data collection and analysis tools to analyze WASH services in schools and health centers. This time, the new tool focuses on detention centers. An XLSform questionnaire and a Power BI dashboard template will be created by CartONG to make it possible for Tdh’s teams to analyze service levels in several areas (water, sanitation, hygiene, waste, maintenance and living space, environmental cleaning).

Support to the SI Myanmar operation in terms of data management
Jan / 2020 to Mar / 2022

This project aimed at supporting the operation in terms of data management, by analyzing their needs, determining recommendations, and helping them build the information management system needed by the operation. It is being conducted as part of the 3-year partnership agreement concluded between CartONG and Solidarités International.

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Creation of a database in support of FAS AuRA for the design of an online map to be released on the RESAP website
Nov / 2021 to Feb / 2022

In support of the Federation of Solidarity Actors in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (FAS AuRA), CartONG is working on creating a database that will be used for the design of an online map showcasing existing health services for vulnerable people in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (AuRA) region. The database is meant to aggregate data from several sources, and as part of our support, we are also cleaning existing data and incorporating it into the database. The online map that will be designed with the data will be published on the RESAP website.

Assessment of ICI's data collection application and advise on next steps
Sep / 2021 to Jan / 2022

In September 2021, CartONG was asked to support the International Cocoa Initiative (ICI) during the course of several months by drafting a set of technical specifications for an application to collect, store and visualize data that meets ICI’s needs. This support also included advising ICI on suitable options to achieve the said objective.

Support to the SI Bangladesh operation in terms of data management
Jan / 2020 to Dec / 2021

This activity aimed at supporting the operation in terms of data management, by analyzing their needs, determining recommendations, and helping them build the information management system needed by the operation.

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MDC technical support to FairTrade International
Jun / 2021 to Oct / 2021

The support provided by CartONG to FairTrade International in 2021 aims at building two updated forms to monitor the key performance indicators, coded into Kobo in both field languages (French and English), that will fit into the existing online platform (Impact Cloud) that Fairtrade international is using to monitor its West african Cocoa program (WACP). After the conception of the forms, CartONG trained and accompanied 25 staffs to ensure the quality of the data collection.

CartONG is also supporting FairTrade international in its digitalisation process, building a Kobo form that will help the standards & pricing unit to assess the price of Cocoa. CartONG will continue this process in 2022 and also follow-up the deployment and test of this new process.

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