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Webmap of CartONG missions on Mapping & GIS

Latest Activities for Mapping & GIS

Long-term agreement to support UNICEF's GIS & capacity building globally
Sep / 2019 to Sep / 2022

CartONG, in consortium with MapAction, has been selected by UNICEF for a long-term agreement, to provide GIS & IM support to their operations around the world from 2020 to 2022. Working with UNICEF’s headquarters, country offices and partners in different parts of the globe, we  focus on helping with geospatial data collection and management, mapping, knowledge management and capacity building.

Develoment of a geodashboard to highlight the logistical vulnerability index
Jun / 2021 to Aug / 2022

In 2021, CartONG helped Atlas Logistique as part of their SIGNAL project to define the specifications for a geodashboard highlighting the logistics vulnerability index. The purpose of this dashboard is to promote the concept of logistical vulnerability among actors in the humanitarian sector and donors through an attractive and intuitive cartographic visualization, to provide the various actors with a decision-making tool, to allow transparency on the methodology used to calculate the Logistics Vulnerability Index (IVL), illustrating the concept of logistics vulnerability. After defining the specifications, CartONG will work on the development of this dashboard in 2022.

Developing an Emergency Alert System for ACF France
Jan / 2021 to Jun / 2022

In 2021, as part of the ongoing MoU, CartONG extended its support to ACF. CartONG analysed the sand winds that hit Madagascar lately with a much higher impact, supported the emergency desk of ACF to build a ligthweight IM system to provide a quick and generic picture of a state of an emergency, allowing ACF to make informed decision spededily about planning a responde. As part of the projet "Strengthening CSOs' Information Management" project co-funded by AFD, CartONG has been supported by ACF in the development of a data analysis and the Excel toolkit to be published on the Learning Corner.

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GIS support and capacity building in Lebanon
Nov / 2020 to Jun / 2022

In 2020, CartONG supported remotely the Solidarités International Lebanon mission to launch and reinforce their GIS capacity through user requirements and GIS capacity assessments, and the creation of different Standard Operating Procedures. In 2021, CartONG continued its support to Solidarités International by maintaining a hotline to ensure that Solidarités International staff could request support when dealing with difficulties.

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GIS Strategy 2016-2019 (MSF)
Jan / 2016 to Jun / 2022

Following the first strategy of 2013-2015, CartONG worked together with MSF Switzerland in defining the evolution of GIS in MSF-CH to support the movement for the period of 2016-2019. The strategy was extended into 2020 for a fifth year, in the context of the GeoMSF program and of the Covid-19 pandemic.

As part of the 2016-2019 strategy, CartONG acts as technical partner and, to this end, provides support in mapping & GIS through the MSF GIS Unit, as well as in mobile data collection (MDC) and capacity building (training workshop in "GIS Basic", in advanced GIS, etc.). Occasionally, CartONG staff gets deployed in the filed to support the whole MSF movement.

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Addressing climate change through participatory mapping: using technology and community-based approaches to support climate change adaptation in rural Tajikistan
Feb / 2021 to Apr / 2022

In April 2019, the German development agency - GIZ - started implementing a new initiative called “Technology Based Adaptation to Climate Change in Rural areas of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan”. This project, which is financed by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) aims at strengthening adaptation measures to climate change in both countries.

CartONG’s involvement in this larger initiative started in February 2021 following a Grant Agreement with GIZ Tajikistan for a project named “Addressing climate change through participatory mapping: using technology and community-based approaches to support climate change adaptation in rural Tajikistan”. This project aimed at strengthening adaptation measures to climate change based on geographic information and open-source technologies and was conducted in collaboration with the Tajik association Little Earth.

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Support to SIF's Avotia project in Southwest Madagascar on OpenStreetMap and participatory mapping
Oct / 2021 to Mar / 2022

CartONG is implementing with OpenStreetMap Madagascar a mission to support Secours Islamique France’s project Avotia (funded by the French Development Agency - AFD), around food security in the vulnerable Southwest Madagascar.

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Development of an AGOL webmap for the DECLIC project of Grdr in Mauritania
Dec / 2021 to Jan / 2022

In 2021, CartONG was selected to develop a webmap built on ArcGIS Online, to present all the activities (such as the building of wells or infrastructures) that were implemented by Grdr in the South of Mauritania through the DECLIC project.

RECITAL - Cities from here & abroad
Nov / 2021 to Dec / 2021

CartONG carried out the Cities from here & abroad project at the end of 2021 with the students of Louise de Savoie secondary school in Chambéry, thanks to the support of the "RECITAL" program, led by RESACOOP and Pays de Savoie solidaires. Through 5 participatory mapping workshops co-facilitated by CartONG and by youth workers from the AQCV social centre, about thirty pupils were invited to discover the Sustainable Development Goals and to think about their impacts on urban areas.

Development of a custom webmap to index the Elsa platform's partner associations
Oct / 2021 to Dec / 2021

In 2021, CartONG was selected to develop a custom public webmap on the Elsa platform in order to index all partner associations with whom the different members of the Elsa platform are working. This webmap allows to search for a specific partner association and get additional information about it, as well as access the country forms where partner associations are working.

Created in 2002, ELSA Platform is a pool of French NGOs involved in the fight against AIDS in Africa. In 2016, the members of the ELSA Platform are: the French Movement for Family Planning, Sidaction, SIS Association, Solidarité Sida and Solthis. This activity was supported by Sidaction.

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