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Webmap of CartONG missions on Mapping & GIS

Latest Activities for Mapping & GIS

Mapping support for AFD in Tunisia
Apr / 2020 to Mar / 2021

This project consisted in the production of 5 maps to report on AFD's support in Tunisia between 2011 and 2020. In addition to the exported maps, the goal was to provide QGIS projects to  the team so that they can easily update the maps themselves.

To know more about this support, please check out our 2020 Annual Report.

Data collaborative on WASH in DRC
Nov / 2019 to Mar / 2021

Following the success of the data collaborative project in the Democratic Republic of Congo organized in 2017-18 by CartONG and OpenStreetMap-DRC on health-related data, a similar initiative is being launched in 2019 on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) data.

This project is being launched with the support of the Agence Française de Développement (AFD), following the PILAEP 2 project (Promotion of Innovative Modalities for Access to Drinking Water), which aims to set up sustainable drinking water supply systems for populations in the suburban districts of Kinshasa and Bas Congo not served by the national water supply authority.

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Mapping basic services in the Lake Chad Basin for and by youth
Jul / 2020 to Jan / 2021

Plan International Germany is involved in a project for “Support for Civil Society Organisations piloting initiatives of the AU-EU Youth Cooperation Hub” to support peace and security and strength stabilization efforts in the Lake Chad Basin. CartONG is supporting Plan International Germany in setting up a data collection tool to identify service infrastructures in the Lake Chad Basin and an online map to display the results of the said data collection.

A very important component of this project is for young people to take ownership of the tools so that they can be autonomous in managing the data collection and updating the online map on their own. CartONG has therefore put in place technical solutions with simplified steps so as to allow young people to carry out the said mission.

A 2-day remote workshop was organized for each country in January 2021 to train young people in the use of these tools and CartONG’s support continued well into 2021. CartONG will also ensure the maintenance of the solution during the whole duration of this three-year project.

To learn more about this project, please check out our 2020 Annual Report and the related news article we published.

Introduction training to QGIS
Dec / 2020

CartONG gave a 2-day remote training to 9 program managers of Acting for Life to provide them with an introduction to the use of QGIS. The aim of this training was to show the basics of GIS so the participants could become autonomous in producing simple maps they need in their daily work.

To learn more about this project, please check out our 2020 Annual Report.

Mappe ton Monde
Jul / 2020 to Dec / 2020

CartONG conducted the Mappe ton Monde project in the summer of 2020 with a group of six teenagers the youth center Chantemerle in Chambéry to raise awareness about the stakes of international solidarity worldwide. Through a series of innovative workshops, the teenagers were invited to reflect on their representations of the world by using participatory mapping as a medium, while also discovering cartographic projections and free tools. They also contributed remotely to a humanitarian mapping project via a mini-mapathon, and produced a uMap highlighting the vision and the relations that inhabitants of the Chantemerle neighborhood have with solidarity and the rest of the world.

To know more about this initiative, please check out our 2020 Annual Report

Création de la carte #DiasporaAgainstCovid par des bénévoles de CartONG
Jun / 2020 to Dec / 2020

En 2020, nos bénévoles ont travaillé avec le FORIM afin de créer une carte #DiasporaAgainstCovid sur GoGoCarto. Cette carte permet de valoriser les actions menées par les diasporas en France et à l'étranger pendant la pandémie.

Pour en savoir plus sur le soutien apporté par nos bénévoles, veuillez vous référer à notre Rapport Annuel 2020.

Database and mapping remote support for the permanent secretariat for NGOs (SPONG) of Central African Republic (Bioforce)
Apr / 2020 to Dec / 2020

As part of a Bioforce project aiming at strengthen local capacities to work for the resilience of populations and crisis response in Central African Republic (CAR), CartONG is supporting Bioforce to provide structural strengthening of the Permanent Secretariat of NGOs (SPONG) in CAR.

This support-advice mission, carried out following an information management assessment that took place in 2019, and initially planned via a field mission (canceled due to the Covid 19 crisis), was carried out completely remotely. Its objective was to provide technical support for the operationalization of the Excel databases of the SPONG as well as to support the SPONG teams in the use of the mapping tool QGIS to establish 3W maps.

To know more about the support provided by our team, please check out our 2020 Annual Report.

Data integration, collection and related processes (UNHCR GDS)
Jan / 2020 to Dec / 2020

In 2020, CartONG's staff and volunteer teams conducted a wide range of data integration and collection tasks in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. Here is a quick summary of what was undertaken.

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Soutien bénévole en cartographie à Planètes Réfugiés Droits de l'Homme
Oct / 2019 to Dec / 2020

En 2019, l'équipe de bénévoles de CartONG a réalisé pour Planète Réfugiés 6 cartes sur le nombre de prisonniers condamnés à mort dans le monde pour soutenir un événement organisé sur ce thème à la Faculté de droit de Grenoble.

La collaboration entre Planète Réfugiés-Droits de l'Homme et une équipe de sept bénévoles de CartONG s'est poursuivie en 2020. Nos bénévoles ont notamment travaillé à la réalisation d'une série de cartes régionales et thématiques pour mettre en lumière la situation des condamnés à mort dans le monde.

Pour en savoir plus sur le soutien apporté par l'équipe bénévole de CartONG, veuillez vous référer à notre Rapport Annuel 2020.

GIS Strategy 2016-2019 (MSF)
Jan / 2016 to Dec / 2020

Following the first strategy of 2013-2015, CartONG worked together with MSF Switzerland in defining the evolution of GIS in MSF-CH to support the movement for the period of 2016-2019. The strategy was extended into 2020 for a fifth year, in the context of the GeoMSF program and of the Covid-19 pandemic.

As part of the 2016-2019 strategy, CartONG acts as technical partner and, to this end, provides support in mapping & GIS through the MSF GIS Unit, as well as in mobile data collection (MDC) and capacity building (training workshop in "GIS Basic", in advanced GIS, etc.). Occasionally, CartONG staff gets deployed in the filed to support the whole MSF movement.

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