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Webmap of CartONG missions on Mapping & GIS

Latest Activities for Mapping & GIS

GIS training for SIF
Jan / 2020

CartONG conducted a 3-day GIS training to the operational departement of SIF in January 2020, which was funded by Le Group'.

Development of a Story Map (UNAIDS)
Oct / 2019 to Dec / 2019

In addition to its annual global report, UNAIDS wanted to create story maps to communicate about particular case studies. The selected case studies highlight programmes and activities around the globe. In 2019, CartONG produced one main story map with 9 individual story maps on 150 slides.

Learn more here or by clicking on our 2019 Annual Report.

Diagnosis, design and implementation of a pilot information management system for the RESILAC consortium implemented by ACF, Care and Groupe URD in the Lake Chad basin
Apr / 2019 to Dec / 2019

The RESILAC (Inclusive Economic and Social Recovery of Lake Chad) project and consortium identified during its start-up phase the need to improve the management of its information (also called Information Management or IM). CartONG is supporting Groupe URD in charge of the operational M&E system (système de suivi et d'évaluation des réalisations) on the information management component.

To this end, CartONG :

  1. is carrying out an information management diagnosis (all technologies combined) in order to formalize the needs of stakeholders, identify existing constraints and opportunities and propose solution scenarios
  2. will implement some of the recommendations made at the end of the diagnosis (and subsequently formalized in the form of an action and reinforcement plan) on one or two pilot sites to test their relevance, before considering their possible deployment at the project level.
  3. will ensure the skills development of the teams concerned in the pilot site(s).
GIS support for ICRC
Jan / 2019 to Dec / 2019

In 2019, CartONG was solicited to support the ICRC GIS team for two different projects. The first project was a story map highlighting what role GIS analysis can play when trying to assess the populations’ access to street lights in different neighbourhoods of Buenaventura. The story map can be found here. The second project was to build an atlas for Venezuela, including dedicated maps created for ICRC but also containing readily available information from the web in one document which can be used to brief new staff ready to be deployed.

Projet de cartographie participative en faveur de l'amélioration des conditions de vie dans deux quartiers informels de Saint Laurent du Maroni en Guyane
Jul / 2019 to Oct / 2019

CartONG a été sollicité par le Maroni Lab, un laboratoire d’expérimentation urbaine basé à Saint Laurent du Maroni en Guyane, pour l’accompagner à l’animation d’ateliers de cartographie participative avec les habitants de 2 quartiers informels de la ville. Ces ateliers ont permis aux habitants des quartiers de devenir acteur du processus de transformation urbaine de leur ville et de l’amélioration de leur cadre de vie. CartONG a mis à jour la carte des quartiers sur OpenStreetMap, formé les habitants à la collecte de données et l'équipe du Maroni Lab au SIG.

Support of CARE Haiti on participatory mapping methodologies
Apr / 2019 to Aug / 2019

CartONG supported CARE's team in Jeremie, Haiti, as part of the "Vil nou pi si pou fanm yo" ("Our city is safer for women") project, an initiative funded by UN Women to identify and map unsafe or high-risk places for gender-based violence in 7 neighborhoods of the city of Jeremie, using a co-construction approach with youth and women communities living in these target districts.

Within the framework of this project, CartONG's role was to provide support in participatory mapping, first as part of a two-week field mission in Haiti, then as part of a post-mission remote follow-up to CARE's team in Jérémie. To this end, CartONG developed a methodology of participatory mapping workshops adapted to the specific needs of the project centered around the uMap tool.

The maps produced as part of this project are intended to be used as awareness-raising tools for Jeremie's security and justice stakeholders, as well as on a larger scale, for all the city's youth and women's communities.

Data collaborative project in Senegal with Healthsite.io
Jan / 2019 to Aug / 2019

With funding from the Digital Square program of PATH, CartONG has collaborated with the Global Healthsites mapping project to test the new features of the platform, which aims at sharing open data on heath facilities via OpenStreetMap. To do so, CartONG has implemented a field mission in Senegal together with the company Geomatica and the local OpenStreetMap community to survey exhaustively all the facilities in the Saint-Louis département. The field mission was followed by a workshop in Dakar to launch a "data collaborative" approach and encourage the sharing of health data between stakeholders (UN agencies, NGOs and government).

Evaluation of the mapping needs of the permanent secretariat for NGOs (SPONG) of Central African Republic
Jun / 2019 to Jul / 2019

CartONG did an evaluation of the mapping and database needs of the permanent secretariat for NGOs (SPONG) of Central African Republic, on behalf of the Bioforce training institute. This project aimed at producing an assessment report which included a needs assessment, analysis of strengths and weaknesses of the current system in place at the SPONG, secondary data mining, technical scenario options, and a capacity building plan. Two maps were also produced to support the SPONG.

Supporting the development of a GIS platform (EPFL)
Jun / 2019

CartONG was contacted in June 2019 by the Cooperation & Development Center of the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) to support the development of a GIS platform for local authorities in Argentina that EPFL was counselling. We provided mentoring on how to build the project requirements, identify risks and chose contractors, via two brainstorming workshops.

Learn more by reading our 2019 Annual Report.

Aug / 2018 to May / 2019

« Educ'AuRA: objective 2030 » is a project implemented in partnership with the association “Les Petits Débrouillards” aimed at raising awareness among the citizens of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region and to encourage them to contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. A total of 11 SDGs are to be addressed through various activities across the region.

In 2018, we participated to 2 festivals, and organized 4 activities for young audiences, 2 mapathons and 1 conference during the 2018 GeOnG Forum.

This project is implemented with the support of different regional partners : RCF Savoie and local associative structures for youth. Learn more by reading our news here, or by checking our 2018 Annual Report.

For this second semester of implementation, CartONG and Les Petits Débrouillards organized 3 awareness raising sessions around the concepts of sustainable development, migration, but also the inequalities in terms of access to drinking water worldwide. Following the same logic, Les Petits Débrouillards set up a "Resourceful city" ("Cité débrouillarde" en français) for 8 women living in a working-class neighborhood of Clermont Ferrand in order to help them build a shared garden. Both associations also took part in 3 international solidarity festivals in the   region – the Transfo Festival, the Marché de la tolerance and the Lafibala festival. Two conference-debates were also organized in February and April 2019 in Lyon in partnership with the HI Institute on Humanitarian Action. Finally, two sessions of the "Apprentis Reporters" activity (i.e. young reporters) were organized in June 2019. These sessions aimed to raise awareness about the concept of Sustainable Development among the young inhabitants of the AuRA region.

Learn more by reading reading our news here, or by checking our 2019 Annual Report.

This project has allowed us to experiment new awareness raising methods and work with partners specialized in education about international solidarity.

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