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Webmap of CartONG missions on Mobile Data Collection

Latest Activities for Mobile Data Collection

Support to SIF's Avotia project in Southwest Madagascar on OpenStreetMap and participatory mapping
Oct / 2021 to Mar / 2022

CartONG is implementing with OpenStreetMap Madagascar a mission to support Secours Islamique France’s project Avotia (funded by the French Development Agency - AFD), around food security in the vulnerable Southwest Madagascar.

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Support to the SI Myanmar operation in terms of data management
Jan / 2020 to Mar / 2022

This project aimed at supporting the operation in terms of data management, by analyzing their needs, determining recommendations, and helping them build the information management system needed by the operation. It is being conducted as part of the 3-year partnership agreement concluded between CartONG and Solidarités International.

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Assessment of ICI's data collection application and advise on next steps
Sep / 2021 to Jan / 2022

In September 2021, CartONG was asked to support the International Cocoa Initiative (ICI) during the course of several months by drafting a set of technical specifications for an application to collect, store and visualize data that meets ICI’s needs. This support also included advising ICI on suitable options to achieve the said objective.

Supporting Tdh with a serie of MDC webinars
Oct / 2020 to Dec / 2021

Two series of webinars for beginners and advanced profiles were organized by CartONG in the fall of 2020 to support the ongoing capacity building of Terre des hommes' field teams in terms of Mobile Data Collection and analysis.

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Support to the SI Bangladesh operation in terms of data management
Jan / 2020 to Dec / 2021

This activity aimed at supporting the operation in terms of data management, by analyzing their needs, determining recommendations, and helping them build the information management system needed by the operation.

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MDC technical support to FairTrade International
Jun / 2021 to Oct / 2021

The support provided by CartONG to FairTrade International in 2021 aims at building two updated forms to monitor the key performance indicators, coded into Kobo in both field languages (French and English), that will fit into the existing online platform (Impact Cloud) that Fairtrade international is using to monitor its West african Cocoa program (WACP). After the conception of the forms, CartONG trained and accompanied 25 staffs to ensure the quality of the data collection.

CartONG is also supporting FairTrade international in its digitalisation process, building a Kobo form that will help the standards & pricing unit to assess the price of Cocoa. CartONG will continue this process in 2022 and also follow-up the deployment and test of this new process.

Support in choosing an adapted MDC tool
Oct / 2020 to May / 2021

CartONG worked with Welthungerhilfe to conduct a benchmark of several Mobile Data Collection tools in order to identify the best ones to use at an organizational level. We brought technical and methodological support into this benchmark, especially working on defining, detailing, prioritizing and organizing the requirements as well as cross-checking and testing information provided by suppliers vis-à-vis the selected requirements. The purpose of this support, which continued in the first part of 2021, was to accompany Welthungerhilfe prior to the selection of an MDC tool and to ensure that valuable and reliable information was collected on solutions pre-identified to be the most suitable as per their needs.

To know more about the support provided, please check out our 2020 Annual Report. You can also discover the benchmarking of MDC solutions that was released by CartONG and Welthungerhilfe, with the support of AFD, at the end of this project here.

Support to FairTrade New Zealand in their first implementation of MDC
Dec / 2019 to Apr / 2021

In 2020, CartONG supported FairTrade New Zealand in their implementation and scale-up of Mobile Data Collection in their areas of intervention, ensuring technical assistance and training remotely. This support also took the form of brainstorming discussions,webinars, form coding, development of analysis tools and a map and remote support for technical difficulties. To know more about the support providedplease check out our 2020 Annual Report.

Furthermore, in 2021, CartONG pursued its technical assistance by providing presentations on different Mobile Data Collection tools to support Fair Trade New-Zealand in their choice of tools, as well as producing a series of map to showcase the different products in the countries of intervention.

The IM Covid-19 Help Center: helping NGOs adapt their IM and M&E response to the health crisis
May / 2020 to Jan / 2021

This project aimed at supporting the humanitarian aid and international development sector in adapting its Information Management and Monitoring & Evaluation response to the Covid-19 crisis.

As part of this initiative, CartONG provided direct support to NGOs - hotline or coaching - addressing specific data-related requests at headquarters or in the field, as well as a more global support to the sector through the release of technical and methodological guidance (technical briefs, tutorials and tech watch findings) and feedback resources (case studies and lessons learned).

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Support on the data component of Voute Nubienne Association Monitoring and Evaluation system
Jul / 2020 to Nov / 2020

In 2020, CartONG was solicited by the Voute Nubienne Association for an assessment of the data component of their Monitoring and Evaluation system. A workshop at HQ and different field interviews were therefore run to produce such a document, describing the needs of AVN, a description of the features they wanted in the system in place (as well as the associated constraints, capture modalities, types of users, and data model), and some elements concerning the possible technical scenarios.

To learn more about the support provided by our team, please check out our 2020 Annual Report.

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