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Webmap of CartONG missions for Établissement public foncier et d’aménagement de Mayotte (EPFAM)

Latest Activities for Établissement public foncier et d’aménagement de Mayotte (EPFAM)

Participatory mapping support
Feb / 2020 to Jun / 2021

CartONG worked with SCET and EPFAM on a preliminary assessment that will be included in a regional action plan designed to improve tourism development in Mayotte. As part of this diagnosis, CartONG facilitated a participatory mapping workshop in October 2020, with SCET during a short field mission. This workshop was organized to consult some of the inhabitants of Kawéni about their leisure activities. During the workshop, the participants were encouraged to share information about what they are doing during their free time and to locate leisure activities on a map. The workshop was also an opportunity for the local community to receive a short introductory training to Mobile Data Collection, the data then collected has been integrated in an online interactive map. Further consultation activities have been on hold due to the pandemic, but the project will continue into 2021.

To know more about this initiative, please read our 2020 Annual Report.

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