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Latest Activities for ACAPS

Emergency mapping for ACAPS
May / 2017

Since May 2017, CartONG has been working in support of a new partner, ACAPS. ACAPS is an independent humanitarian information provider which supports the aid community by providing up-to-date data on key crises around the world. In the event of a crisis, the analysis and information work carried out by ACAPS allows humanitarian, as well as local and national actors, to better understand and consequently better respond to the needs of the affected population. As part of this mission, ACAPS regularly issues bulletins called "Briefing Notes" containing situation maps. CartONG, in its capacity of humanitarian mapping specialist, thus provides support to ACAPS by producing a significant number of these maps that complement and illustrate the bulletins by highlighting affected areas, hot spots or key figures of a crisis. Learn more in this news.

In 2018, CartONG supported ACAPS’s mission for 6 displacements and refugee crisis (in Uganda, Syria, Afghanistan, Burundi, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Nigeria); at the occasion of 4 natural disasters (volcano eruption in Papua New Guinea, flood in Malawi, cyclone in Somalia and typhoon in The Philippines) ; in 3 contexts of outbreaks (Nigeria: Lassa Fever, Zimbabwe: Cholera, DRC: Ebola) and during the Venezuelan crisis in September.

In 2019, our cartographers produced a total of 5 maps for displacements in Burkina Faso, situational update in Venezuela, insecurity incidents in DRC, floods in Nepal and rainfall and food security in the Horn of Africa. Learn more in our 2019 Annual Report.

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