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Webmap of CartONG missions for UNHCR

Latest Activities for UNHCR

Mobile Data Collection support (UNHCR DRS)
Jan / 2015

CartONG supports the Public Health Section (PHS) of UNHCR - now part of the Division of Resilience and Solutions (known as DRS) within UNHCR - on a number of MDC projects. Some of our main support is focused on the deployment of the SENS nutrition and WASK KAP surveys for UNHCR PHS, as well as our support on the iRHIS platform (integrated Refugee Health Information System) and on the WASH GIS portal.

Additionally, we also provide support on the implementation of other data collection tools, such as the Health Access and Utilization Survey (HAUS), the Balanced Score Card for Health Facilities (check out the dashboard here) or the Medical Referral Database Online application which represents the online version of the currently used MRD Access Database.

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Profiling in Cote d'Ivoire
Apr / 2014 to Dec / 2014

CartONG supported JIPS, UNHCR and INS (Institut National de la Statistique) on the coding of a questionnaire to be ODK compliant. We also trained the staff on data collection as well as Server management for the survey managers.

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Android project with United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
Mar / 2010 to Dec / 2014

The UNHCR Android project is one of CartONG’s key projects. It started in 2010 with two pilots and two different technologies, of which one (ODK- OpenDataKit) was retained for surveys in 2011. The UNHCR Android project provides technical assistance to set up an Android smart phone based survey within a country operationField projects were directly supported in country in 2012 in Rwanda, Kenya, Sudan, Lebanon and Djibouti. Remote support was also provided to operations in Liberia and Kenya.

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Mobile Data Collection Training - UNHCR Ethiopia
Nov / 2014
Supporting implementation of GIS (UNHCR GDS)
Jan / 2013

From installing and maintaining their ArcGIS servers to supporting modifications to database structure and enriching the database with new layers and linking to external databases, CartONG supports UNHCR in structuring their GIS web-services - in particular their Field Information Coordination and Support Section (FICSS) now called Global Data Service (GDS). CartONG also participates to the discussions in how GIS should evolve in UNHCR in the future.

CartONG also supports CCCM within GDS, and also work on benchmarking studies, documentations and training materials.

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Geotagging guidelines & map packs (UNHCR)
Jun / 2012 to Dec / 2012

This project included both the elaboration of Geotagging guideline and Powerpoint map packs for the United Nations' High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) headquarters.

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Emergency Information Management for UNHCR (Syrian crisis)
Mar / 2012 to May / 2012

A CartONG staff member was deployed in emergency in Beirut, Lebanon to help UNHCR staff liaise with their staff and partners on the ground. We also managed a public Web Portal for the Syria Regional Refugee Response where reliable, up-to-date information were shared. CartONG also supported UNHCR in finding the best solutions on reporting and information gathering suitable for the mixed settings.

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SENS - Standardised Expanded Nutrition Survey implementation and mapper (UNHCR DRS)
Jan / 2012

CartONG has been supporting UNHCR since 2012 in the implementation of the SENS nutrition surveys (Standardised Expanded Nutrition Survey). The SENS nutrition surveys of UNHCR are deployed in 100 refugees sites each year, 95% of which are conducted on mobile phones. CartONG continuously works on improving the content of the modules of SENS.

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Information Management and GIS: Field based project, Uganda (UNHCR)
Feb / 2007 to Jul / 2008

Our staff worked for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Uganda, doing creation and maintenance of return monitoring database, collection and compilation of GPS coordinates, production of maps, and capacity building of local staff.

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Refugees analysis for UNHCR (Middle East & North Africa)

CartONG compiled the Statistical Analysis from data out of the UNHCR Refugee database with graphs and charts as a booklet on all MENA countries with Iraqi refugees. We participated in the strengthening of this database (300000 refugees) and analyses their features depending on their country. Two analysis were made and a mission in Jordan took place in spring 2011 for two technicians in order to work on data feed and the strengthening of the registration database of UNHCR with an expert.

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