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iRHIS (integrated Refugee Health Information System) is an open source tablet and web platform that was developed by GNUCOOP to allow health workers to electronically register and track the health status of refugees in camps, as well as guide UNHCR public health and implementing partners to rapidly detect public health problems and epidemics. CartONG provide a wide range of information management support on the integrated Refugee Health Information System.

The RESILAC (Inclusive Economic and Social Recovery of Lake Chad) project and consortium identified during its start-up phase the need to improve the management of its information. CartONG is supporting Groupe URD in charge of the operational M&E system (système de suivi et d'évaluation des réalisations) on the information management component. In 2019, CartONG conducted a diagnostic in information management (all combined technologies) in order to formalize the needs of stakeholders, identify existing constraints and opportunities and propose solution scenarios.

Le projet et le consortium RESILAC (Redressement Economique et Social Inclusif du Lac Tchad) a identifié lors de sa phase d'amorçage la nécessité d'améliorer sa gestion de l'information. CartONG accompagne le Groupe URD en charge du Système de suivi et d’évaluation des réalisations (SSE) opérationnel sur le volet gestion de l'information. En 2019, CartONG a réalisé un diagnostic en gestion de l'information (toutes technologies confondues) afin de formaliser les besoins des acteurs, d'identifier les contraintes et opportunités existantes et de proposer des scénarios de solutions.


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