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Direct GIS support has been provided for MSF in 2014-2015. First deployments were to support their Ebola response in the 3 most affected countries. As GIS gained in popularity within the movement, more GIS missions were requested, for other epidemics such as Measles, Dengue, etc.

MSF Switzerland initiated in 2012 a reflection on the value of GIS in their operations. The last quarter of 2013 saw the beginning of a strong collaboration between MSF-CH and CartONG. We support MSF-CH in defining their needs and are putting into place the first 2-years plan GIS strategy.

In 2014, CartONG lead a participatory mapping project, based on the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, in Haiti. In this country, struck by natural disasters in 2010 and 2012, the use of drones is a way to tackle the issue of mapping differently. In association with the OSM communities in Haiti the collected data is later used during carto-parties.

En 2014, CartONG a mené en Haïti un projet de cartographie participative basé sur l’usage de drones. Dans le contexte haïtien, difficile car toujours marqué par les conséquences des catastrophes naturelles de 2010 et 2012, le drone permet de prendre de la hauteur et de collecter des données différemment. En association avec les communautés OSM d’Haïti les données sont ensuite utilisées dans le cadre de cartoparties.

MSF Suisse a sollicité CartONG pour apporter un support aux opérations face à la grave épidémie Ebola en Guinée. Dans le cadre de ce partenariat et pour répondre aux besoins urgents d'acquisition de données, CartONG a "taské" les contributeurs OpenStreetMap à travers la Humanitarian OpenStreetMapTeam (HOT).
MSF-Switzerland has activated CartONG to support their operations facing the serious Ebola virus crisis in Guinea. In the framework of this partnership and to face the urgent need for new data, CartONG tasked the OpenStreetMap contributors through the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT).

Logo CartoBlogCartONG lance cette semaine son nouveau blog technique, nous l'utiliserons pour partager nos expériences, nos tests techniques, nos retours sur des outils, les articles intéressants que nous lisons, etc.

Logo CartoBlogCartONG has launched this week its new technical blog, we'll use it to share our experiences, technical tests, feedback on solutions, interesting articles we read, etc.

CartONG volunteers Remi Corfini (from afar) and Maeve de France (deployed), worked together on a remote sensing analysis (to draft a classification on the location of the cashew nut trees), and associated validation in the field, in Korhogo, in the north of Ivory Coast.


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