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Un premier retour à chaud suite à la mission de soutien au lancement d'une communauté OpenStreetMap à Madagascar.

Organisation d'une première formation à Chambéry pour les techniciens SIG avec des chances d'être déployés.

First training in Chambéry for deployable GIS officers

Après plusieurs mois de tests, déploiement du Map Center de la section FICSS du HCR.

Find out more about the FICSS' UNHCR section's Map Portal that we have been working on, just released after several months of piloting.

We have just started a research project on the usability of civilian drones for the humanitarian sector, in partnership with the NGO FSD, the UAViator network and Zoi Environment.

CartONG is part of an initiative whom's aim is to consolidate existing knowledge on the use of drones in humanitarian contexts and to further test, promote and disseminate their appropriate use and best practices among humanitarian organizations and the UN Clusters.

Présentation du travail fait comme service SIG de MSF-CH pendant l'épidémie Ebola de 2014 au GI_Forum, organisé tous les ans par l'Université de Salzbourg.

Presenting the work done as GIS Unit of MSF-CH during the Ebola outbreak in 2014 at the University of Salzburg's GI_Forum, where technologists, universities and researchers are working to create a GIS society.


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