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CartONG did an evaluation of the mapping and database needs of the permanent secretariat for NGOs (SPONG) of Central African Republic, on behalf of the Bioforce training institute. This project aimed at producing an assessment report which included a needs assessment, analysis of strengths and weaknesses of the current system in place at the SPONG, secondary data mining, technical scenario options, and a capacity building plan. Two maps were also produced to support the SPONG.

CartONG provided various Information Management support to Action Contre la Faim France in 2018. Our main support was dedicated to their Afghanistan mission where we deployed an expert for 3 weeks in October. The mission aimed at providing Information Management support to the team based in Kabul regarding digitization of some nutrition processes, data visualization with Business Intelligence tools, training sessions on various tools (Excel, Kobo, Sphinx and Power BI) and support on their data protection practices.

In 2018, CartONG conducted two Information Management needs assessment missions, during which we evaluated the IM policies, processes, practices and tools implemented by the Solidarités International’s teams in response to the refugee crisis in Bangladesh as well as the Syrian crisis.

The RESILAC (Inclusive Economic and Social Recovery of Lake Chad) project and consortium identified during its start-up phase the need to improve the management of its information. CartONG is supporting Groupe URD in charge of the operational M&E system (système de suivi et d'évaluation des réalisations) on the information management component. In 2019, CartONG conducted a diagnostic in information management (all combined technologies) in order to formalize the needs of stakeholders, identify existing constraints and opportunities and propose solution scenarios.

Le projet et le consortium RESILAC (Redressement Economique et Social Inclusif du Lac Tchad) a identifié lors de sa phase d'amorçage la nécessité d'améliorer sa gestion de l'information. CartONG accompagne le Groupe URD en charge du Système de suivi et d’évaluation des réalisations (SSE) opérationnel sur le volet gestion de l'information. En 2019, CartONG a réalisé un diagnostic en gestion de l'information (toutes technologies confondues) afin de formaliser les besoins des acteurs, d'identifier les contraintes et opportunités existantes et de proposer des scénarios de solutions.


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