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Our staff

This is the staff team behind CartONG

Sandra Sudhoff|Technical Director and IM Manager

As a technical director, Sandra leads the CartONG team ensuring that the NGO functions, stays on course, and delivers quality work. As an Information Management and Project Manager, Sandra supervises and implements the MDC and IM dimensions of collaborative projects.

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Audrey Lessard-Fontaine|GIS Project Manager

As a project manager, Audrey supervises and spearheads implementation of various projects for several of CartONG's partners.

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Martin Noblecourt|Admin Manager

Martin performs several roles for CartONG, managing the organisation’s administration and human resources needs and functioning as its communications and volunteer coordinator.

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Sylvie de Laborderie|Technical Project Manager

As a technical project manager, Sylvie manages the technical teams that are assigned to implement various client projects. At intervals she is also deployed to the field to help implement projects.

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Maeve de France|Mobile Data Collection (MDC) Project Manager

As an MDC project manager, Maeve supervises partner projects to implement data collection solutions and manage capacity building activities.

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Violaine Doutreleau|Missing Maps Coordinator

Violaine coordinates and organizes all Missing Maps projects and events, linking up with Universities, interested organisations and eager individuals wanting to put some of their time towards completing missing maps.

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Léo Martine|GIS Officer

As a GIS and web mapping specialist, Léo implements GIS databases and web maps for CartONG partners and conducts remote, and sometimes field, support for deployed GIS officers. Léo also participates in capacity building activities, teaching GIS and occasionally MDC to our partners.

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Marie Beeckman|Cartographer

Marie principally focuses on producing emergency maps, ensuring they are both accurate and visually pleasing. She also provides remote support for GIS teams and replenishes CartONG’s map center and other repositories.

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Francis Vachon|IM Specialist

Francis focuses on implementing MDC solutions but he is also a VBA specialist who codes Excel sheets to make analysis and chart creation easier.

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Miguel implements dashboards for CartONG partners using various techniques including D3 or ESRI-based products.

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Our board members

These are the board members behind CartONG

Charlotte has been President of the Association since January 2015, rising to the position after volunteering and coordinating the Cartogaphie d'Urgence Bénevole with CartONG.

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Yuji Kato|Treasurer

Yuji is board treasurer since 2016, after two years being board secretary. His duties are to follow and advise on financial matters for CartONG, especially regarding volunteer projects.


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Jean-Paul Nicoletti|Human Resources advisor

Jean-Paul assume the duties of "Human Resources advisor". In this  role he will liaise with staff employees

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Johan Richer|Coordinator of Volunteer Projects

Johan became a coordinator of volunteer projects in April 2015, rising to the position after a long involvement with CartONG stretching back to November 2013 when he first joined as a volunteer. Johan is particularly invested in CartONG’s Atlas Solidarity project in Madagascar.

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Claire Gilette|Secretary

As board secretary, Claire keeps track of board affairs, keeps records of board decisions and ensures that board actions are taken in compliance with the governance policies of the organization.

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Robert Danziger|Responsable l’internationalisation de CartONG

Robert est arrivé dans le bureau de CartONG en mai 2017 dans le but de développer le réseau de bénévole et les activitées à plusieurs pays.

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Map of our members & volunteers

The CartONG logo represents our headquarters, the orange pins our local focal points, and the blue pins all of our current members & volunteers.

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